News - 2018/2019 Intake for Masters and PhD Programmes in Maths Department

May 3, 2018   Department

The Mathematical Sciences Department is calling for applications into the following postgraduate programmes from suitably qualified candidates across Africa and beyond:

  1. Master of Science in Biostatistics
  2. Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics/Biostatistics/Applied Statistics
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

 (i)      Master of Science in Biostatistics

Description of Programme: A 2-year programme offered through block-releases, and involves coursework and thesis.

Entry Requirements: a) Candidates must have Bachelor’s degree majored in Statistics/Actuarial Science/Mathematics with at least credit from a recognized university, or b) Strong pass degree in Statistics/Actuarial Science/Mathematics (i.e. an average of 55% and above for Unima graduates and 60% and above for other applicants). Selected candidates with deficiency in some Mathematics/Statistics courses will be requested to attend bridging course prior to enrollment. Further details can be accessed from the programme website:

Scholarships: Limited full scholarships are available under DELTAS Sub-Saharan Africa Consortium for Advanced Biostatistics Training (SSACAB) project to successful applicants with at least credit degree and aged below 35.

Fee Structure: MK4,500,000 for Malawian nationals and US$6,000 for international students for the entire two-year period. Those attending bridging courses will be required to pay US $300 per module.

Preliminary Enquiries: Contact the Coordinator, Mr. Tsirizani Kaombe, on +265 999 60 30 74, copy to;

(ii)     Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences

Description of Programme: A 2-year full-time programme involving course work and thesis.

Entry Requirements: Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Mathematics with at least credit or a strong pass (an average of 55% and above for Unima graduates and 60% and above for other applicants) with at least 2 years of relevant work experience.

Fee Structure: MK4,500,000 for Malawian nationals and US$6,000 for international students for the entire two-year period.

Preliminary Enquiries: Contact the coordinator, Dr. Mwayi Nyirenda-Kayuni, on copy to

(iii) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programmes (By Research)

Description of Programme: These are 3-5 year full-time PhD programmes by research, including supervisor guided reading. During the entire period of study, candidates should be prepared to devote at least 90 hours of teaching MSc or tutoring undergraduate students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Chancellor College, which is equivalent to offering 3 modules.

Scholarship Opportunities: Successful candidates for PhD in Biostatistics will be eligible to compete for the available regional DELTAS project Fellowship that covers: 1) Tuition fees and basic medical insurance, 2) Monthly stipend for accommodation and living expenses, 3) Reasonable support for the research project, 4) Bench fees to research institution hosting the student, and 5) Travel costs to and from academic training institution and host research institution.

Entry Requirements: For PhD in Biostatistics/Statistics: candidates should have a strong Master’s degree in Statistics/Biostatistics/Applied Statistics/Actuarial Science from recognized university as well as strong Bachelors degree in Statistics/Mathematics/Actuarial Science. Visit the programme website: for more details.

For PhD in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics: a strong Master’s degree in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences. It is highly recommended for PhD applicants to pre-identify academic supervisors who are specialists in the proposed research areas.

Fee Structure: MK4,125,000 for Malawian nationals or US$5,500.00 for international students per academic year.

Preliminary Enquiries: Contact Coordinators: Dr. Mwayi Nyirenda-Kayuni on for PhD in Maths and Dr. Jupiter Simbeye for PhD in Bio-Statistics on +265 888 708 500 or, copied to


All applications should clearly state the programme applied for and should reach the following address by Friday, 29th June, 2018:

The Registrar

Chancellor College

P.O. Box 280


For further details, including downloading of PG1 Form and submitting online application, please visit the Chancellor College website

The application package should include the following information:

a.    A letter of application or a filled PG1 form to be downloaded from our website

b.   A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with at least a credit. Candidates with a strong pass (average of 55% and above) may be considered.

c.    A detailed CV

d.   Certified or notarized copies of academic transcripts and certificates

e.    Two letters of reference from traceable referees (one of which shall be academician) and to be submitted in sealed envelopes

f.     A copy of bank deposit slip for application fee of MK10,000 for nationals and US$50 for international applicants. Please indicate the name of the programme you are applying for and deposit the money into the following account: Chanco Sundry Income, Account No: 282553, held at the National Bank of Malawi, Zomba Service Centre.

g.    Evidence of sponsorship: Preference will be given to applicants who will present credible evidence of funding for their studies.

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