News - PhD Program Witnesses 1st Proposal Presentation Event

February 12, 2016   Mathematical Sciences Department
PhD student, Tsirizani Kaombe (left) pose with his Supervisor, Prof. Samuel Manda

The first student in the PhD (Biostatistics) program, Tsirizani Kaombe successfully presented his project proposal to the Faculty of Science at Chancellor College on Wednesday, 10th February 2016. The event took place at Senior Common Room and was chaired by Deputy Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Bosco Rusuwa. The project titled “Identifying influential clusters in multivariate survival studies” is being jointly funded by the World Bank and Government of Malawi’s SDP project. The student enrolled in the PhD programme in August, 2015 and it is a requirement for candidates to present their concepts to the Faculty about 1 year into the programme as a way of monitoring their progress.

In his remarks, the Lead Supervisor, Professor Samuel Manda, who was in attendance from South Africa where he stays, said he was happy and satisfied with the progress made so far by the candidate. He acknowledged that the candidate had extensively consulted literature in the past phase in order to understand the problem under investigation. He further pointed out that the candidate had presented part of his review work to South African Statistical Association (SASA) 2015 Conference in December 2015 at University of Pretoria, where he also attended a relevant short course in Biostatistics. Besides, the Supervisor reported that the candidate had submitted his first review work for publication in a reputable international statistical journal, which is subject to peer review. He was also convinced with the candidate’s progress towards mastering the R statistical software, as demonstrated in his first Conference paper, which is crucial in the project. Both, the Chair, Dr. Bosco Rusuwa and Coordinator of the programme, Dr. Jupiter Simbeye who is also Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences were happy to record the good start of the PhD (Biostatistics) programme in the Faculty and pledged their support to sustain it.

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