Programme Master of Science in Biostatistics

MSc. Biostatistics is a modular 2-year programme run by University of Malawi since 2010, with annual intake. It’s goal is to strengthen statistical skills and research capacity in the region. It has so far drawn students from Malawi and SADC region, especially Lesotho. The programme has so far graduated 16 students, see pictures below, with 2 more awaiting graduation and 36 others finalizing their reserach work and 10 fresh intake attending coursework. Over 10 of the graduates have published their masters thesis work in reputable international journals or as conference proceedings. Of the 16 graduates, 10 are working in Research Institutions while 6 are either working as Lecturers in Universities or Statisticians in Government Departments. 5 of the 16 graduates have already started their PhD studies; 3 in UK and 2 in African Universities.

The revised programme has 8 core content modules and 2 electives, see the list below. To qualify for an award of Masters degree, a student must complete and pass all the 10 modules, and submit and defend a thesis in the second year of study. Students who complete and pass coursework but fail in thesis work do qualify for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Biostatistics. The programme is run through block releases, where students attend classes for 2 weeks and get released to internalise the material for a maximum of 6 weeks before returning for end of module exams and next set of modules. It is run on non-residential basis, but accomodation structures and restaurants are within reach from College campus. Entry into the program is based on having a strong Bachelors degree majored in Statistics from a recognized university and with enough background in Mathematics. The tuition fee is $6000 for the entire two years, payable in local currency. The University, in conjuction with Immigiration Office, has a supportive system for processing study and stay permits for all International students once they arrive in the country. Call for applications for new intake are normally announced around January-February every year.

List of Core modules

Probability and Distribution Theory, Generalised linear models, Statistical Inference, Time-to-event data analysis, Longitudinal data analysis, Clinical Trials, Principles of Epidemiology, Statistical computing and data management

Elective modules

Modelling infectious diseases, Bayesian data analysis, Multivariate data analysis, Stochastic processes, Spatial Statistics, Statistical Quality Control, Multilevel modelling, Measure and Prob. Theory, Queueing Theory, Programme Evaluation and Monitoring, Statistical Genetics and Bio-Informatics, Advanced survey design methods.

Contact persons

  • Mr. Tsirizani Mwalimu Kaombe; Programme Coordinator, email,; phone; +265 888 443 536/ +265 999 603 074.
  • Dr. Jupiter Simbeye; Head-Maths Dept, email,; phone, +265 888 708 500.
  • Ms. Dorea Mwale, Secretary-Maths, email,; phone, +265994 00 21 62.

1st set of Gala for 1st Cohort, October 2012